School Culture

Taylor Primary School is a friendly, warm and welcoming community. Teachers and staff get to know children and parents by name. We promote respectful relationships as the core of our dealings with each other.


Teachers have a high expectation of students learning achievement and conduct. We support them to set personal goals and to work to achieve them.

There is an expectation at Taylor that children will behave responsibly and respectfully.

Student management practice at Taylor emphasises a restorative approach.

Restorative Practices

We believe that the most profound learning occurs when there is a healthy relationship between teacher and student. Restorative Practices assist teachers, students and parents to build, maintain and restore relationships.

They help students to self-regulate behaviour and this contributes to the improvement of learning outcomes. It encourages a caring, supportive environment in which teachers can exercise their right to teach and students their right to learn without interruption. This enables all to work together to solve problems in a creative, supportive manner.

Responsibilities and Rights

As students progress through the school they earn the right to be part of the decision making process in the school. They are also expected to take up responsibilities appropriate to their age and capacity. These include keeping their classroom and playground tidy, being a special buddy to a younger child, working in the library as a Library Monitor, distributing play and sports equipment and leading assemblies. Older students have the opportunity to gain election as school captains and sporting house captains. The school student body also has a Student Representative Council.   

Friendly Schools and Families Plus- Taylor Values

Our school is guided by the use of the Friendly Schools and Family Plus program.  This social emotional learning program is supported throughout the school P-6 and complements our school values programs 'We are Taylor Kids'.

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